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New Videos – Q-Link Interviews at the Blue OK

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Scott Morrow, host of the Blue OK, recently interviewed Clarus founder Robert O. Williams and Clarus CEO Richard Gray to talk about Clarus, Q-Link, and SRT technology. Enjoy!

Q-Link Featured in Two Great Articles at The Blue OK

Monday, May 24th, 2010

The Blue OK, an online “Café” site, sort of like an online magazine, features discussions with notables in the wellness/green/optimal living community and covers topics related to living well (art, culture, health, green living, and food). They’ve recently featured Q-Link in two articles.

The first of these is an interview with Clarus founder Robert Williams.  If you’re not already familiar with SRT technology, this interview gives a great overview.  The other interview is with Clarus CEO Richard Gray, who talks about the history of Clarus and gives more information about SRT.

I highly recommend you check out these interviews and explore The Blue OK further; they have some very interesting interviews and articles (I particularly liked the underwater sculptures). They also have recipes!

By the way, Scott Morrow – host of The Blue OK, wears a Q-Link.